Apple vs. Epic Games

Epic Games is taking Apple to court on May 3rd over a long-standing dispute:

After months of preparation, Epic Games will finally take on Apple in court in a trial that could fundamentally change the makeup of the App Store. The fight dates back to August, when Epic added a direct payment mechanismto its hit battle royale game Fortnite in violation of Apple’s rules. The iPhone maker quickly removed the game from the App Store, and Epic responded shortly after with an antitrust lawsuit aiming to establish the App Store as a monopoly. The case will finally be brought to trial starting May 3rd.

I’m with Apple on this one.

If you use Apple’s marketplace to distribute and promote your app, you need to pay Apple a commission.

The $99/year model is not sustainable.


30% is a significant cut. I understand that. Reducing this huge commission would be insanely helpful to big publishers like Epic Games.

Anyway, Apple now takes a 15% cut for all payments through the App Store for apps with annual revenue less than $1 million.

That sounds fair to me.