Mighty claims to make Google Chrome faster

Google Chrome is one resource hungry piece of software. There’s no arguing that.

A startup called Mighty is coming up with an innovative technique to solve Chrome’s memory issues.

Instead of your own physical computer interacting with each website, you stream aremote web browser instead, one that lives on a powerful computer many miles away with its own 1,000Mbps connection to the internet. 

Suddenly, your decent internet connection would feel like one of the fastest internet connections in the world, with websites loading nigh-instantly and intensive web apps running smoothly without monopolizing your RAM, CPU, GPU and battery, no matter how many tabs you’ve got open — because the only thing your computer is doing is effectively streaming a video of that remote computer (much like Netflix, YouTube, Google Stadia, etc.) while sending your keyboard and mouse commands to the cloud.

While this sounds great in theory, I would like to see how it performs in real life over a flaky internet connection.

And yeah, it’ll cost you $30/month. A pretty steep price for a browser.