Night Shift mode doesn’t improve your sleep quality

Apple devices have a feature called Night Shift which reduces blue light emission from an iPhone or a MacBook.

While cutting blue light has been linked with better sleep quality since ages, a recent study shows otherwise:

The group that got seven hours of sleep saw a slight difference in sleep quality based on phone usage, while those who didn't use a phone before bed experienced better sleep quality compared to both those with normal phone use and those using ‌Night Shift‌. Within the six-hour group, which had the least amount of sleep, there were no differences in sleep outcomes based on whether the participants used ‌Night Shift‌ or not.

The results suggest that blue light is only one factor that creates difficulty falling or staying asleep, and it's important not to discount the affect of physical interactions like texting, scrolling and posting on sleep outcomes.

To sleep better, eat healthy, have less stress and don’t use your phone in bed.